Penny en concours - Un nouveau défi

Penny en concours - Un nouveau défi

Pénélope Collections

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Penny en concours - Un nouveau défi

Pénélope Collections

Pénélope story told in a book through the volumes "Penny au club", "Penny en concours" and "Pénélope"! The hectic life of Pénélope jumping every obstacle one by one, from the equestrian center to the most prestigious international horse shows...

Here the third section of the second volume of "Penny" saga, here is the synopsis of " Un nouveau défi":

Penny Prévost and her little bay mare Sarah are going from victories to victories in the whole county, stirring up envy and jalousy. Luckily the young girl can count on her most faithfull friends, and on Victor, her boyfriend, to help her under any circumstances and protect her from dirty tricks.

But, among all of her competitors, a man called François Masson seems to be very interested in the young girl... What if this man could offer Penny what she never dared to dream of?

Penny and her friends are back!

After this last section of Penny's adventures at horse shows inspired from her teenage years, Pénélope Leprévost will be back in a diptych for young adults, called simply Pénélope.