Luxe Bridle - Havana

Luxe Bridle - Havana

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Product description

Luxe Bridle 

Collections Pénélope 

The luxe bridle is the latest addition to the Penelope leather collection. It is based on the classic bridle with a round anatomical browband and the saddle stitch on the noseband. We have added some technical details. The anatomical headpiece is lined with two panels to free the neck and cervicals from any unnecessary pressure. The two parts balance and separate the pressure equally. 

The larger noseband is lined with the same leather used on the headpiece for added comfort. The rear buckle is always protected by an additional piece of leather, which can be removed if necessary thanks to its elastic loop. 

The innovation of this bridle is found in the elastics present in the buckles of the cheekpiece. These allow the bit to be supported slightly for sensitive horses that do not appreciate the contact of the bit on the bars. A touch of lightness in addition. 

The browband has an anatomical shape and can be adjusted to all different head shapes

The reins are not included. 

This bridle is available in cob and full.

Also available in black 

Composition : European cowhide leather, 100% stainless steel buckles.

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