Softy Black Half Chaps - Children

Softy Black Half Chaps - Children 

Pénélope Collections

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Product description

Softy Black Half Chaps - Children 

Pénélope Collections

Nicely designs the calf, Pénélope half chaps are quite fitted thanks to a very thin imitation leather. It fastens from the bottom to the top thanks to a zip behind the leg. On the bottom part, on the back is a leather tab on which you can find the PL anagram, it protects the bottom of the zip from frictions against the horse. A second thinner tab with a snap button helps fixating the chaps. On the outer side, is a silver part on the top of the calf in a diamond shape with the Pénélope logo on it. 

Those half chaps are perfect for riding for fun or competing. With a nice pair of boots, it protects and keeps the leg in position when riding. 

Available in black 

Available in children size and adults size.

Sizing advice : Please take a look at the chart below. 

Care instructions : Thanks to the fact that it is imitation leather, Pénélope half chaps are easy to take care of: use a sponge and a little bit of water to make it look brand new. 

Composition : Exterior : 100% Polyeruthane ; Interior : 100% cowhide.


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6 yo  28 22,5
yo  31,5 24
10 yo  35 26,5
12 yo 37 29