Saddler Stitch Fly Mask - Black & Fuchsia

Saddler Stitch Fly Mask - Black & Cream

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Product description

Saddler Stitch Fly Mask - Black & Fuchsia

Pénélope Leprévost Collections 

New shape, new material for our Fly bonnet. Let’s keep the assets and add up an even more anatomic shape, keep the elastic ears and keep our Point Sellier stitches binding.

An even more anatomic shape which perfectly fits the horse head, with a slightly bulging shape.

And, a bigger and wider part behind the ears,  so that even with the anatomic headpiece bridle (like our Point Sellier bridle and Luxe bridle), the fly bonnet stays put. Plus, its wider shape on the lower part makes it not flying to the wind.

The emblematic horse logo is still on the front of the fly bonnet, and a white saddle stitch with a matching piping are giving its final look.

This Fly bonnet matches the Classic or Sport version of the Royal blue & Navy saddle pad.

Full size (also fits large ponies)

Machine Washable 30°

No dryer