Printable E-Gift Card - Pénélope Citylife

E-Gift Card - Pénélope Citylife

Pénélope Collections 

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Product description

Printable E-Gift Card - Pénélope Citylife

Pénélope Collections

To be sure not to make a mistake and to please all our elegant riders in every circumstances, we recommend you without hesitation the E-Gift Card Pénélope Citylife

A garanteed success! 

Printable, the E-Gift Card is a nice way to please without taking the risk of making a wrong choice. It can be used 30 minutes after its purchase

It is almost instantaneous ! You will find it in "my account /my orders" ready to be downloaded, shared or printed

You will find it as a PDF, you can print and/or send it directly to the person of your choice

Here's how to use it ! 

The Pénélope Collections E-Gift Card can only be used on  

You have 365 days to use your E-gift card on your favorite amazing website ! Usable only 30 minutes after its purchase. 

In one or several times, you just have to select the option "Pay by gift card" during the payment of your order and type the six characters of the web code that you will find on your E-Gift Card. The amount of your order will be debited from the amount present on your E-Gift Card. 

If the amount of your order is greater than the amount available on your E-Gift Card you can complete your payment by adding another e-gift card, credit card or PayPal. 

If you want to know more about our E-gift cards, it's HERE