Drying Sheet Bambou Dry

Drying Sheet Bamboo Dry 

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Product description

Drying Sheet Bamboo Dry 

Pénélope Collections

Horse sheet with drying properties and made in a dry micro-aerated Bamboo fabric that facilitates the recovery of the horse after work. The dry Bamboo fabric will absorb perspiration while keeping it warm. The quilted look, reinforced neckline, slim fit and cream embroidery on the left front give it an ultra-chic look.

The Bamboo dry sheet is also ideal for your horse in cold weather or for walking in the paddock while waiting for a test.

Very practical to handle since it's light, it is fixed thanks to a buckle on the front and a mono-strap ventral also closed by a loop

Only available in black

Available in 125 (5.9) - 130 (6.0) - 135 (6.3) - 145 (6.6) - 155 (6.9)

Size advice : This shirt size normally, you can choose the usual size of your horse

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