Point Sellier Classic Saddle Pad - Grey & Caramel

Point Sellier Classic Saddle Pad - Grey & Caramel

Penelope Collections

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Product description

Point Sellier Classic Saddle Pad - Grey & Caramel

Penelope Collections

With a thick padding, the interior of this saddle pas is composed of a honeycomb absorbing perspiration, more comfortable for the horse. Its shape allows easy installation. It also has two loops for the girth. The saddle pad shape fits perfectly on the horse's back and it does not move under the saddle.

French made.

A host of colors are available in our permanent collection but also in our ephemeral collection with models in limited editions.

Horse size (It is suitable for horses and big ponies)

Composition : 80% polyester 20% cotton

Washing tip : 30°C in washing machine but no dryer please

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