Saddle Strap Airlight 2 Air Vest

Saddle strap Airlight 2 air vest 

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Product description

Saddle Strap Airlight 2 Air Vest

Pénélope Collections

Accessories compatible with our Airlight 2 air vest, and any other Freejump Technology clothing

The new saddle strap for Penelope Airlight 2 air vest is lighter, more silent and made of a high performance fabric. 

Very easy to put on the stirrups bars, it is used to put the ball lanyard on it. 

We wish to warn off riders who link their air vest to the D rings of the saddle, without a saddle strap : This is to absolutely stop, and very dangerous because the D rings of the saddle are not meant to stand that much pressure. They will go loose and therefore stop the air vest from functioning properly. Our saddle strap goes on the stirrups bars, and that way there is a good alignement between the ball lanyard and the Airbag itself, so that the Airbag can be triggered properly. 

One size and one color